Thursday, August 18, 2016

Leaving Melbourne

We left Melbourne to head north after a lovely day celebrating our younger daughter Nicola's 30th birthday. We got up very early and left at 6am. It was quite misty as we drove along for the first hour or so, but then it cleared away to a beautiful blue sky day.
Our first stop was Shepparton for a much needed coffee and breakfast, then a quick stop at Tocumwal to change drivers, before stopping at West Wyalong for lunch, and for Randall to buy and sell some shares. It is a lovely old town with old fashioned shops with verandahs all along the main road, marred by one modern facade of The Reject Shop! (We are shareholders!! ).
We finally stopped at Forbes, in a camping spot by the river. We sat outside and soaked up the sun. It was beautiful and still with lovely reflections on the river.

The next day we were up early again to continue our trip up the Newell Highway. There's no getting away from roadworks on our trips. All the way along there were stops. It was interesting to see that most of the traffic was trucks and caravans! I expect a lot a travellers were heading south after an escape from the winter.
We arrived at Moree by mid afternoon, and went to soak in the hot artesian thermal pool there. We had been there 20 years ago and wanted to experience it again. It has been done up since then and was very pleasant. We soaked in the 40 degrees pool. (There were 4 to choose from, gradually going cooler.) It is so good having the motor home to get changed in! No worries about change rooms etc.
After a quick visit to the shops for supplies we stayed at a camp spot not far out of town and settled in for the night.
I cooked eggs and bacon for tea on our Cobb. Delicious!!
The nights are still cool so it was nice to sit inside with the diesel heater going and watch some TV, before retiring for the night. 


  1. Sounds fabulous. I see you loving the motorhome.

    1. Oh yes Liz. It is perfect for what we want to do!