Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Introducing our Avan Applause

Randall and I live in beautiful Hobart, Tasmania, and have purchased a motor home initially to use when we visit our children and grandchildren in Melbourne.
We have since realised the versatility of our motorhome, an Avan Applause, and how compact and convenient it is when travelling.
We have hot and cold running water, a toilet and shower, a good sized fridge, comfortable seating and plenty of storage space in cupboards all around and also under the bed.

We have a holiday place at The Fisheries, Coles Bay, and our motorhome is just perfect for that situation. Most summers you will find us there, before we head off to the mainland to visit family and further travels.

Another favourite place to go is the Bay of Fires, Swimcart Beach in particular. We can park on the sand dunes and look out over the water. We can hear the sound of the waves at night - it really is a beautiful place.

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