Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A Trip to the Mainland.

We left home for a bit of a jaunt on the mainland, to see the children and grandchildren and escape what's left of the winter in Tasmania.
We left home and headed for our first stop - Oatlands. It was very crisp when we arrived in the late afternoon, so we rugged up for a walk around the lake.
It was very still and quite pretty at the campsite by Lake Dulverton. It got down to -1 degree overnight but we were toasty warm in our motorhome - thank goodness for our diesel heater!
We went for a walk around the town in the morning. 

They were having a demonstration of bullocks pulling some hay bales in the main street. We came across them on our walk. It is really nice spending time in the country towns. You get to see so much more when you walk around the township, rather than bypassing or just driving through. 

Our next stop was Devonport - to catch the ferry to Melbourne. It was a day sailing, so we got ourselves organised with food and supplies to keep us going for the 91/2 hour trip. We were very glad to arrive in Melbourne after a quite reasonable sailing.

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