Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Our caravan club was headed to Tarraleah in the central highlands of Tasmania. Tarraleah is an old hydro town, that is now owned privately. The owner has done up the remaining houses in Art Deco style and the Lodge is also done up the same. There is a pub, a church and a caravan park, also a golf course.

Our daughter, Katie and her husband Matt got married there in June 2014. It was a lovely ceremony, held outside in a rainforest setting, so Tarraleah has got fond memories for us.

When we arrived the weather was quite cool, but was expected to warm up in the next few days. Chris and Tom had set up a shelter for us, so we gathered around in our chairs with a few wines and nibbles, and squeezed closer and closer as the rain came down!
 Teatime and Nita discoverd her microwave oven wasn't working. It took a few people to sort it out - it wasn't plugged in!!!
We had an early night as Randall was a bit worn out - he has had a virus for a couple of weeks and is still recovering.
 We found a nice spot to park the Motorhome. Tarraleah doesn't have much in the way of phone service but we managed to find a spot with 2 bars which was enough for us to keep in touch with the  world..
The next day a few of the group headed off to various places like The Wall, which we had already seen. We had a quiet day, and I read and then wandered around the village while Randall rested.

In the evening we all gathered at the pub for a meal. It is a bit of a tradition that Randall pipes us in.

The next day we did a few walks around the area. In the morning we walked to Tarraleah Falls. It was a lovely walk through the rainforest, with a pretty sight at the end.

 In the afternoon we headed off for another walk or two. We did the Quoll walk which joined up to the Eagle walk. Unfortunately we missed the track to the Eagle walk, so ambled along the track back to the start, and found the bottom end of the Eagle walk. We decided to do it, even though we had been walking for over an hour. It was quite steep in parts, and a few of us, me included, had had enough by the time we got back to camp!

All too soon our time was up. We had a lovely few days catching up with our friends. It was Ros's birthday so we all wished her well for the rest of her day. Another gathering is in the pipeline, so watch this space for our next little adventure!!

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