Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Trip to Quamby Corner

A group of Cambridge Caravan owners, meet once or twice a year and this time it was decided that we would go to Quamby Corner.
We took our motorhome, even though it was the caravan club! (We love our motorhome too much now!) We decided we would head off on Sunday, and stay somewhere overnight before meeting up with everyone on Monday and Tuesday. We had heard that the Midlands Highway was quite bad, with roadworks and so on, so we turned off at Melton Mowbray and went through Bothwell up towards Great Lake. We really enjoyed the different scenery on the way, and found a nice place to stop at a lookout at the bottom end of the lake.

It was really quiet here - no sounds of traffic or city noises and we really loved it.


There was a little walk that lead up to a grave. 

 We had to laugh at the inscription!

It was quite cold overnight, but we were toasty warm with our diesel heater going! The next day we got going and headed towards Deloraine, and our caravan park where we were gathering. It is in Golden Valley, just out of Deloraine, and it really is a beautiful place.
It was certainly nice catching up with our friends again!
It was quite cool and windy on the Monday night, and the camp kitchen was a bit open to the elements,  but David had his fire pot so we all gathered around for a bit of warmth!

Randall pulled out his bagpipes and gave them a blow. We always enjoy listening to him!

Some of us headed back to the Great Lake Hotel for lunch the next day. We enjoyed the fire and the chat with people who came in for a meal. 

The weather was a bit better in the afternoon, and we stayed around the fire for a bit longer in the evening, thanks to Chris and Tom's great wind break!
On our last morning, Ros wanted to walk up the hill to get some duck eggs. She had noticed the sign when driving towards the caravan park the previous day. A few of us walked up the hill in glorious sunshine, only to find the sign covered over, so no eggs for Ros! The view was lovely looking back down to the park.

We headed for home mid morning, back down past Great Lake, detouring through New Norfolk to call in and visit Randall's Mum and Dad.
We had a lovely few days renewing friendships and having lots of laughs, and will look forward to the next time we can all meet up.

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