Thursday, July 13, 2017

Uluru and Kings Canyon

We got to the Northern Territory border at 8.38am in the morning. The speed limit sign went up to 130 kph! Needless to say we didn't travel that fast. As we were driving along we passed a cyclist - quite weird when you are in the middle of nowhere. 
We wanted to visit Uluru again as it is such an amazing feature of our country, so we turned off the Stuart Highway and headed for a camp spot we had stayed at previously, 30 ks outside of Uluru. We passed a caravan in a million pieces by the side of the road, and felt very sorry for its owners.
We stopped at the Mt Connor lookout. Apparently lots of people think they are seeing Uluru when they see this mountain. It is quite spectacular, and we walked up the red sand for a better view.


Each time we have been here the weather has been amazing! Beautiful blue sky days and crisp nights. 
After we had pulled in I saw a dingo nearby and after talking to another camper, we heard that they were hanging around looking for food. We had arrived early afternoon, so I took the opportunity of lying on the bed in the sun and reading my book - I felt a bit sleepy so had a lovely afternoon nap!
The next day a friendly neighbour came over and offered us their entry tickets to Uluru. They last for three days and were no longer needed so we gratefully accepted them! We headed for the rock via the laundry at the campground. We cheekily did our washing, hung it out and then went for the base walk around the rock.
 It is 10 kilometres around. By the end my right knee had started to give out, so I was glad we didn’t have to go any further!

Our vehicle is so fantastic we can’t believe it. Before our walk we were able to make lunch, have a drink and go to the toilet- so convenient!
We had heard about a campsite closer to Uluru from our neighbouring campers last night, so checked it out on our way in. It looked really good, so we stayed there after our walk, along with many others, after we had stopped to collect out dry clothes from the line. One poor fellow had booked into the caravan park, and when he got there he was sent away as there was no room - not even in the over flow area! I would not have been happy.
We decided to visit Kings Canyon as well. So we packed up and drove straight there, do the rim walk and head back to a camp spot 100ks back. We saw two dingoes as we turned into the canyon car park, the most dingoes we’d seen on any of our trips. We were lucky enough to get a carpark right at the start of the walk. It was quite warm, so we changed into shorts. It took two hours with spectacular scenery all around.

It was a busy day but enjoyable. We’ve done lot of driving, so being out in the fresh air walking, and in warm sunshine, was really nice.
Our overnight camp was good, and we chatted to a few people stopped there. In the morning I opened the blinds to see another dingo lurking around the water tank there- obviously looking for a drink.

From there we drove towards Alice Springs. I did the first bit of driving so Randall could practice his music. We stopped at Erldunda for a break. There was no need to fuel up at their inflated prices as our 120 litre fuel tank gives us a range of 1,000 kilometres.

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  1. Enjoying following your travels. Great photos, Deb! --Robyn M