Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Heading South.

Our next destination was to the Gold Coast to visit our friends Cliff and Fiona. They live in a two storey unit and we were able to park our van outside their back door and hook up to power - the first time since we left Melbourne 3 weeks previously.
They took us up to Mt Tambourine for lunch at a pub with an amazing view looking down on the Gold Coast.

We had a great couple of days, with lots of laughs and good times. Cliff cooked us a delicious breakfast one morning at it was beautiful sitting out in the sun eating it.

From the Gold Coast we drove a short way south to Kingscliff for an unexpected catchup with Randall's old workmate Andrew and his friend Janine. They had arrived from Singapore only the day before and had followed our travels on Facebook, so they knew where we were.
We stopped overnight at a place called New Italy, which was nice but a bit noisy as it was near the highway. Then down the coast to Bulahdelah. We arrived quite late, but there were lots of campers there - obviously very popular. We walked to the pub, hoping to get a meal there but nothing appealed  so back to cook out own tea.

In the morning we we sat and watched as a few rigs packed up and headed off, before we did the same.
Our next stop was going to be Wollongong where Randall's second cousin and wife Penny live. We drove towards Sydney and on a spur of the moment decided to head to Manly and check out the area. Probably a bit of a mistake, as the traffic was shocking, and by the time we got there it was just about time to leave! It was amazing driving in the tunnels under the city to get to Woolongong - all so fast and furious! Penny and David had invited us to a roast lamb dinner, and a spot in their driveway - both very much appreciated. They have a motorhome, so it was nice to chat with like minded people about our travels so far.
From there we headed for Gundagai. It is a quaint town with lots of roadworks in the main street which was a pity. It is an RV friendly town, so we camped by the river and sat out in the sun in the afternoon.

We decided to stay two nights here, so get over the hustle and bustle of constant travelling. There is a cafe at Gundagai called the Niagara Cafe and it has been around since the early 1900's. We went to get some potato cakes and dim sims for a treat. It is a time capsule from the early days with memorabilia up on the walls. John Curtain had famously stopped there late one night and returned often over the years. The booths are the same, as are the padded seats, when you look at the photos.

The forecast was for lots of rain in the next 24 hours, and the campsite was very grassy, so it was suggested we go to higher ground. We headed for the highest ground - the look out! The view up there was amazing!


I was really glad we moved as it did rain quite a lot overnight. The only thing that disturbed us up there was some idiots doing wheelies in the mud not that far from us - luckily they got sick of it after a while and we were left in peace.
We packed up the next morning to continue our trip down the Hume Highway, checking out all the rivers and creeks full to overflowing in some places.

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